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Aquana provides a cloud-enabled hardware & software IOT platform that delivers remote water valve control, remote meter reading (AMI), and advanced leak and burst protection for residential and commercial building applications.

Remote valve control

Cloud-based web and mobile apps enable you and your team to monitor and control water use from anywhere.

Remote meter reading (AMI)

Connect a pulse or absolute encoded meter to your valve and transmit meter data back to the Aquana Cloud. Monitor consumption and receive alerts. Export consumption data for direct billing your tenants.

Advanced leak & burst protection

Get leak, burst and moisture detection when using a compatible water meter or leak detector. The platform watches for alarm conditions 24/7, using our configurable rules engine, and can notify you and take action, if desired.

Automatic shut-off capabilities

Don't just get notifications of an emergency - enable automatic shutoff to stop water from damaging your property, giving your buildings more water damage protection than ever before.

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